1. Press record. Timer counts down and automatically stops after 60 seconds.

2. Name your file and Save to iTunes.

3. Your file is added to iTunes.

4. From iTunes, play back for students, parents, and coaches or add to iPod or burn to CD.

• How do I set up iTunes to work with Fluency Timer?

You do not need to do anything to get iTunes to work with Fluency Timer, it works perfectly with iTunes's default settings. However, if you have changed your iTunes preferences, please be sure to allow iTunes to copy files to iTunes media library (under preferences>advanced) or naturally, files will not be imported into iTunes. See picture:

• I can't find my files?

Once you send your file to iTunes it will be available from your music library. Choose music on the left hand side of the iTunes library window. If your library is already sorted by date then the file will appear sy the top of your library. You can always find your file by searching for the name you gave it by entering that name in the iTunes search box (top right corner).

• Where are the fluency passages?

Most teachers have their own fluency passages, fluency packets, and standardized fluency assessments in their own classrooms. However, tons of free printable material is linked to from the extras page.

• Is fluency timer available for PC?

Not currently.

• Is fluency timer availabe for iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches?

Yes, it is now available for iOS in a free and paid version. Please find them in iTunes.

• Do I need to purchase a license for every computer?

No. All computers controlled by a single Apple ID can legally use the software. Schools can purchase multi-seat licenses at a 50% discount through Apple's Volume Discount program.

• I have another question.

Please contact support.