1. Press record. Timer counts down and automatically stops after 60 seconds. (You can change the amount of time before the timer stops...see below). An alert sound will play at the end of recording if your device volume is not muted.


2. Name your file and choose save to add it to the library. Choose mail to e-mail the recording from this screen or choose discard to delete it and re-record.

name file

3. Choosing library in the top left screen brings up the library of your previous recordings. From here you can playback or e-mail any recording by selecting it. You can delete a recording from this screen by swiping the left on the item you want to delete multiple files by choosing edit (top left).


4. You have the option to change the timer length to whatever you wish. Choose the timer icon at the top left, choose a desired time, and then touch the button which says set.


• Pro Version Only: How do I transfer files to my computer?

With your device connected to your computer (wired or wirelessly), select the device in iTunes.
Choose Apps at the top right of the screen, next to summary. Scroll down to File Sharing.
Select the files you wish to transfer to your computer and choose "save to." Choose a location
and save your files to your computer. From your desktop, for example, you can easily transfer the
files to iTunes.



• Do I need to purchase a license for every computer?

For personal use, no. All devices controlled by a single Apple ID can legally use the software. Schools can purchase multi-seat licenses at a 50% discount through Apple's Volume Discount program.

• I have another question.

Please contact support.